Our new family

This morning we’ve been surprised by  a new family presence, guess what?

A new baby from Kitty and Frenzy, do you know who they are?

They are our cats; Kitty is cat woman and Frenzy is cat man.

They are living together in same cage for almost 3 months since their age was 3 months


Honestly my husband and I didn’t know about kitty’s pregnancy because we couldn’t see it from her body. So when we open the door and found out in their cage there was a new baby cat was crawling, and we’re all screamed happily then my husband asked my housemaid to prepare small cage with blanket to put the baby and the mother inside to feel the warm and love.  The baby cat was so cute and we give her/him name Frekit (Fenzy Kitty) Welcome to our family Frekit, we’ll take care of you sweetie.


2 responses to “Our new family

  1. wah so cute…congrats ya, mbak

  2. tambah rame nih rumah…

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