Around 1750, the first glue patent was issued in Britain for a glue made from fish.

Adhesives Tape
Scotch Tape oe cellophane tape was invented in 1930 by banjo playing 3M engineer Richard Drew.

Aerosol Spray Cans
The concept of an aerosol originated as early as 1790.

Air Bags
In 1973, the General Motors research team invented the first car safety air bags that were first offered in the 1973 model Chevrolet as an option

Air Brakes
George Westinghouse invented air brakes in 1868.

Air Ships
The history behind balloons, blimps, dirigibles and zeppelins.

Air Conditioning
Willis Carrier brought us the comfort zone with air conditioning.

Airplane/Aviation – Aeroplane
Wilbur and Orville Wright invented the airplane, which they patented as a “flying machine.” Learn about other aviation related innovations including the history of seaplanes, flight suits, anti-gravity suits, ejection seats, airports and different airlines.

Alternating Current
Charles Proteus Steinmetz developed theories on alternating current that allowed for the rapid expansion of the electric power industry.

Alternative Energy
A list of articles related to the invention and the history of alternative, earth-friendly energy sources.

An instrument which measures vertical distance with respect to a reference level.

Aluminum Foil
The first mass-produced and widely used metal foil was made from tin. Tin foil was replaced by aluminum foil in 1910.

Aluminum Manufacturing Process
Charles Martin Hall discovered the electrolytic method of producing aluminum cheaply and brought the metal into wide commercial use.

Ambulance History
The concept of ambulance service started in Europe with the Knights of St. John.

In 1450, Leon Battista Alberti, the Italian artist and architect, invented the first mechanical anemometer. The anemometer is a device that measures wind speed.

Answering Machines
The history of answering machines.

Apple Computers
The Apple Lisa was the first home computer with a GUI or graphical user interface. Learn about the history of the Apple Macintosh, the most famous Apple home computer.

Arc Transmitter
Danish engineer, Valdemar Poulsen invented the arc transmitter in 1902. The arc transmitter, contrary to all previous types of radio transmitters in history, generated continuous radio waves.

Archimedes Screw
An archimedes screw is a machine for raising water, invented by the ancient Greek scientist and mathematician Archimedes.

Assembly Line
Eli Olds invented the basic concept of the assembly line and Henry Ford improved it.

Artificial Heart
Willem Kolff invented both the first artificial heart and the first artificial kidney dialysis machine. Read about the history of artificial hearts.

History of Aspirin
In 1829, scientists discovered that it was the compound called salicin in willow plants, which is responsible for pain relief. But it was father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, who first discovered the pain relieving properties of the willow plant in the 5th century, B.C.

James Faria and Robert Wright of Monsanto Industries co-invented AstroTurf in 1965.

ATM  – Automatic Teller Machines
The history of automated teller machines (ATM).

Atomic Bomb
In 1939, Einstein and several other scientists told Roosevelt of efforts in Nazi Germany to build an atomic bomb. It was shortly thereafter that the United States Government began the Manhattan Project, whose research produced the first atomic bomb.

Audio Tape Recording
Marvin Camras invented the method and means of magnetic recording. The history of sound recording.

Automated Electrified Monorail Systems
Ronald Riley invented the automated electrified monorail system.

Automatic Doors
Dee Horton and Lew Hewitt invented the sliding automatic door in 1954.

The history of the automobile spans over one hundred years — the famous early car models, view timelines of automotive development and discover who made the first gasoline powered car.


Leo Hendrik Baekeland patented a “Method of Making Insoluble Products of Phenol and Formaldehyde.” Setting out to make an insulator, he invented the first true plastic and transformed the world.

Ball Point Pens
The ball-point pen was invented by Ladislo Biro in 1938. A patent battle erupted; learn how Parker and Bic won the war.

Ballistic Missile
A ballistic missile can be any of a variety of weapons systems that deliver explosive warheads to their targets by means of rocket propulsion.

The history and patents behind airships, balloons, blimps, dirigibles and zeppelins.

Balloons (Toy)
The first rubber balloons were made in 1824 by Professor Michael Faraday for use in his experiments with hydrogen.

Band-Aid® is the trademarked name for the 1920 invention belonging to Earle Dickson.

Bar Codes
The first patents for bar code were issued to Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver on October 7, 1952.

Barbed Wire
Don’t fence me in — all about the invention, development, and use of barbed wire.

Barbie Doll
The Barbie doll was invented in 1959 by Ruth Handler.

The barometer was invented by Evangelista Torricelli in 1643.

Baseball/Baseball Equipment
Baseball was invented by Alexander Cartwright. The history of baseball bats.

BASIC (Beginner’s All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) was invented in 1964 by John Kemeny and Tom Kurtz.

James Naismith invented and named the game of basketball in 1891.

Bathroom Related Innovations
The history of ancient and modern plumbing from around the world – baths, toilets, water closets and sewage systems.

2000 was the 201th anniversary of the invention of the battery by Alessandro Volta.

Beauty Innovations
The history of hair dryers, ironing curlers and other beauty appliances. The history of cosmetics and hair products.

The history of waterbeds, murphy beds and other kinds of beds. Lie down and read about the patents and ihistory behind beds.

We can trace the beginning of beer far back beyond the dawn of recorded time. Apparently, beer was the first alcoholic beverage known to civilization.

Stephen Poplawski invented the kitchen blender.

Bic Pens
Learn about the history of Bic pens and other writing instruments.

The history of that foot-powered riding machine.

Eye glasses that see near and far.

The bikini was invented in 1946 and named after the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands, the site of the first atomic bomb testing. The designers of the bikini were two Frenchmen named Jacques Heim and Louis Reard.

“Bingo” originated from a game called Beano.

The first proposition to use biological methods to treat odorous compounds came as early as 1923.

Blood Bank
Dr. Charles Richard Drew was the first person to develop the blood bank.

Blue Jeans
Levi Strauss invented blue jeans.

Board Games
Puzzle over the history of board games and other brain teasers.

Babcock and Wilcox co-invented the water tube steam boiler, a safer and more efficient boiler.

The history of the boomerang and complete instructions on how to make your own.

Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge
In 1849, the Bourdon tube pressure gauge was patented by Eugene Bourdon.

It’s 1913 and Mary Phelps Jacob’s corset was not the undergarment to wear under her new shear evening gown.

Braces – Dental
The history of dental braces or the science of Orthodontics is complex, many different patents helped to create braces as we know them today.

Louis Braille invented braille printing.

Brush – Hair
Brushes were used as early as 2,500,000 years ago.

Bubble Gum
The invention and history of chewing gum, bubble gum, gum wrappers, gum tins and bubble gum machines.

Cabbage Patch Kids
In 1976, Xavier Roberts invented ‘Little Person’ dolls, the first Cabbage Patch Kids.

Learn about the invention of early clocks, calendars, the quartz watch, timekeeping devices and the science of time.

Calcium Carbide Process
Thomas Leopold Willson invented a process for Calcium Carbide.

Timelines covering calculator patents since 1917. Learn about the history of Texas Instruments, the origins of the electronic calculator, the hand-held calculator and more.

The history of the camera – Camera Obscura, photography, the significant processes of photography, and who invented the polaroid and photographic film.

The history of candy.
Edward Goodrich Acheson invented carborundum. Carborundum is the hardest man-made surface and was needed to bring about the industrial age.

Cardiac Pacemaker
Wilson Greatbatch invented an implantable cardiac pacemaker. Study the history of other cardiac devices.
Cash Register
James Ritty invented what was nicknamed the “Incorruptible Cashier” or the cash register.

Cassette Tape
In 1963, the Philips company became the first company to demonstrate the compact audio cassette.

Cat Eyes
Percy Shaw patented his road-safety invention called cat eyes, in 1934 when he was only 23.

Thomas Fogarty invented the embolectomy balloon catheter. Betty Rozier and Lisa Vallino co-invented the intravenous catheter shield. Ingemar Henry Lundquist invented the over the wire balloon catheter that is used in the majority of angioplasty procedures in the world.

Cathode Ray Tube
Electronic television is based on the invention of the cathode ray tube, which is the picture tube found in modern television sets.

Robert Ledley invented “diagnostic X-Ray systems”, known as CAT-Scans.

George Smith and Willard Boyle received a patent for Charge-Coupled Devices or CCDs.

Cellophane was invented by Jacques Brandenberger in 1908.

Chinese Inventions
Learn about ancient Chinese technology and the history of Chinese inventions. Find lesson plans for teachers. Learn about the kite, chopsticks, umbrellas, gunpowder, firecrackers, the steelyard, abacus, cloisonné, ceramics, papermaking and more.

Learn about the invention of early clocks, calendars, the quartz watch, timekeeping devices and time measurement.

Coat Hangers
Today’s wire coat hanger was inspired by a clothes hook patented in 1869 by O. A. North.

“Coca-Cola” was invented by Dr. John Pemberton in 1886.

Cold Fusion Energy
Viktor Schauberger was the “father of cold fusion energy” and the designer of the first non-energy consuming “flying disc”.

Color Television
Color television was by no means a new idea, a German patent in 1904 contained the earliest proposal – RCA color television system – Living Color.

Combustion Engine – Diesel
Rudolf Diesel was the father of the “diesel-fueled” internal combustion engine or diesel engine.

Compact Disk
James Russell invented the compact disc in 1965. Russell was granted a total of 22 patents for various elements of his system.

The history of the magnetic compass, gyroscope compass, and the biography of Elmer Sperry.

An index to famous persons in the computer business, over twenty-six fully illustrated features cover the history of computers from 1936 until today.

Computer game
This history is more fun than a joy stick. Steve Russell invented the computer game called “SpaceWar.” Nolan Bushnell invented the game called “Pong.”

Computerized Banking
ERMA began as a project for the Bank of America in an effort to computerize the banking industry.

Concrete was invented by Joseph Monier.

Percy Lavon Julian synthesized the medicines physostigmine for glaucoma and cortisone. Lewis Sarett invented a synthetic version of the hormone cortisone.

The history of cosmetics and hair products.
Cotton (Naturally Colored)
Sally Fox invented naturally colored cotton.

Cotton Gin
Eli Whitney patented the cotton gin on March 14, 1794. The cotton gin is a machine that separates seeds, hulls and other unwanted materials from cotton after it has been picked.

Crash Test Dummies
GM developed this test device nearly 20 years ago, to provide a biofidelic measurement tool — a crash dummy that behaves very similarly to human beings.

Crayon history – from the Crayola Company whose founders invented the first crayon.

Cray Supercomputer
Seymour Cray was the inventor of the Cray Supercomputer.

Crossword Puzzles
The crossword puzzle was invented by Arthur Wynne.

Cruise Control
Unstopped by his blindness, Ralph Teetor invented cruise control.

Carl Sontheimer invented the Cuisinart.

Ernest Lawrence invented the cyclotron, a device that greatly increased the speed


Dewar Flask
Sir James Dewar invented the Dewar flask, the first thermos.

Diabetes Testing Kits
Helen Free received a patent for a home diabetes test. The history of insulin.

Dialysis Machine
Willem Kolff invented the artificial kidney dialysis machine. The history of kidney innovations.

Diapers (Disposable)
The convenient disposable diaper was invented by New Yorker Marion Donovan in 1950.

Rudolf Diesel was the inventor of the diesel-fueled internal combustion engine.
Josephine Cochran invented the dishwasher in 1886.

Disposable Cell Phone
Randice-Lisa Altschul invented the world’s first disposable cell phone.

Diving Equipment
In the 16th century, barrels were used as primitive diving bells, and for the first time divers could travel underwater with more than one breath of air, but not much more than one.

Drinking Straws
In 1888, Marvin Stone patented the spiral winding process to manufacture the first paper drinking straws.

Richard Hollingshead patented and opened the first drive-in theater.

Dr Pepper
In 1885, Charles Aderton invented the Dr Pepper soft drink. The history of soft drinks.

Dry Ice
Dry ice was discovered not invented – the name was trademarked by the first company to sell dry ice.


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